Roby, an AI Assistant for Commercial Building Operations

Introducing Roby, our AI assistant for commercial building owners and operators. Roby balances occupant comfort and operational costs facing commercial building owners and operators. Roby takes care of comfort complaints and requests from occupants, resulting in 25% labor savings for operators.

Roby continually learns and adjusts the facility to the everchanging occupancy and use patterns of modern buildings, yielding up to 40% energy savings for heating and cooling.

Key Features

For Occupants:
  • 1) Simple, natural language chat interface
  • 2) Resolves immediate cold, hot, sleepy and stuffy, comfort complaints
  • 3) After hours override requests
  • 4) Conversational occupant location identification
  • 5) Periodic chat bot surveys to validate comfort
For Operators:
  • 1) Web portal and simple chat interface
  • 2) Broadcast messaging via chat system to occupant population
  • 3) AI functions configurable by zone
  • 4) AI observed issues and conflicts with the HVAC system
  • 5) Occupant requests reports
  • 6) Failure notifications
Value for Building Operators

Reduced burden for Operators

  • • Common complaints and requests are automatically handled
  • • Buildings are continuously tuned to occupants needs
  • • Equipment is inspected in real time by AI assistant
  • • Dashboard delivers unique building insights from occupant data
  • • AI assistant for facility optimization and predictive maintenance
  • • Simple installation process, as little as three days for immediate results
Value for Building Occupants

Happy and productive Occupants

  • • Instantly resolve comfort needs
  • • Psychological gratification
  • • Predictive and optimized comfort
  • • Personal AI assistant for productivity
  • • Easy integration via chat (Slack, Skype, ) and voice (Alexa)
Value for Building Owners

Buildings work efficiently for Owners

  • • Reduced equipment wear with reduced cycling
  • • Optimized deadbands for energy saving
  • • Continuously tuned for real space usage
  • • Predictive maintenance increases ROI on equipment
  • • No additional equipment to reap the benefits
  • • Yields up to 40% energy savings for heating and cooling.

Meet Our Team

An experienced team with diverse backgrounds in AI, hardware, software, cloud, infrastructure and operations, ideal for addressing the complex challenges in enabling business to easily and quickly realize the benefits of AI.
team member
Founder & CEO
Jay Hsueh

Jay started his career as an NXP semiconductor engineer in advanced circuit design. Before Imageous, Jay built and sold his first startup, which used AI and computer vision to recommend music to users based on their emotions. Jay holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

team member
Co-founder & CTO
Ben Ries

Ben comes to Imageous from Coursera, where he managed the product services engineering efforts. Sharing the same passion for AI and startups as Jay, along with his prior experience with AI assistants led to the foundation of Imageous. Ben holds a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern California and is a graduate from Draper University.

team member
Chief Product Officer
Hernan Alvarez

Hernan brings more that 23 years of experience building successful teams, companies and products. Before Imageous, Hernan served as Director of Private Cloud at IBM through the acquisition of Blue Box where he was Chief Product Officer. Before that, he lead Operations for HP Cloud and held leadership positions in several startups with successful exits.

team member
Chief Operating Officer
Dennis Hsueh

Dennis joins Imageous from semiconductor startup, Artilux where he was CEO and co-founder. with startups and business development experience. Before his startup journey, Dennis served as product marketing manager and engineer at Maxim Integrated. Dennis holds a masters degree in Material Science from Stanford University.

team member
Head of Machine Learning
Yad Konrad

Yad is a well known independent researcher with USF, UCSF, OpenAI and Google as well as contributor to Tensorflow, Keras and Ruby On Rails. Before Imageous, he led engineering for Draper University online schools. Yad holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the American University of Iraq and is a graduate from Draper University.

team member
Head of Business Development
Chih-Chuan Lin

Lin adds his 10 years of international business development to drive growth in APAC. He has worked at several leading multinational companies including Mitsubishi Corporation and DKSH. Lin holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the National Taiwan University.

team member
Software Engineer
Justin Wang

Justin joins Imageous with a strong background in both software and hardware systems. Before, Justin worked at NXP Semiconductors an as engineer in embedded systems and circuit design. Justin holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University California Berkeley and a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

team member
UI Designer
Kuan Jun Tien

Kuan Jun's adds his five years of design experience to Imageous. Before Imageous, he had won the Lexus product design award and Lotus Price design award in Taiwan. Kuan Jun holds a masters degree in Industrial Design from the Shih Chien University in Taiwan.

Our Advisors

team member
External Board Member
Sachio Semmoto

Dr. Semmoto has founded several successful international companies including KDDI and eAccess. Dr. Semmoto has also held board positions with Softbank, Sega, New Zealand Telecom, NetApp and Reuters among many others. Dr. Semmoto received his bachelor's degree from Kyoto University and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Florida.

team member
Techical Advisor
John Avery

John currently leads an engineer group at the Panasonic Innovation Center focused on deep-learning with advanced automotive technology. John also serves as board member of Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation. Before that, John built and advised many successful startups across embedded systems, mobile, networking, software, big data and AI.

team member
Kuan Hsu

Kuan Hsu is the co-founder and general partner of KK Fund. Kuan obtained an MBA/MA joint degree from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and became an investment banker with Goldman Sachs before becoming a venture capitalist responsible for GREE Ventures’ Southeast Asian operations.

Our Investors

2020, a technology investment fund partnered with Foxconn
Amazon Alexa Fund
Imageous is a Techstars 2018 Company
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